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| Each professional is essential for the emergence of your brand. 


But it is vital that everyone can remain in the exact place of their expertise, for the successful conduct of your project.


This is why we are exclusively oriented towards the creation and development of your graphic identity with strictly complementary services, going in the natural continuity of your logo. This is above all the reason why our service is so rich.

Over the years and meetings, we have been able to target and consolidate the needs of our clients in order to anticipate and present them with a complete offer. When we developed this graphic service, our concern was to offer our customers comfort, ease, but above all excellence.

| Our service includes : 



We provide advice to companies in their brand launches and management. We are also contacted by groups already launched in order to boost their communication. We work as close as possible to chairmans in order to be a key guide in the orientation of the brand's personality.




Before starting any work, it is imperative to carry out an inventory of the building land. This is why we will carry out an in-depth audit to study the brand image of your company, even if it is just starting out. We will give you the benefit of all our expertise here in order to best target your present and future needs.



Creative briefs are decisive for targeting your graphic projects. During the first exchange, we will study all the themes related to your needs in order to offer you the best design solutions. There are as many briefs as there are clients : some like to be consulted at each stage of creation, others prefer to give us carte blanche by placing their trust in us. In all cases, we adapt to your collaborative desire.

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Our support involves periodic reports to plan and guide your brand strategy. These reports are important roadmaps for implementing a sustainable and efficient strategy for the development of your brand.



Every year we meet more and more inventive customers. In our time, ideas are fragile ; your project and your manufacturing secrets being sacred to you, they must also be sacred to the designer who accompanies you. This is why, from the first discussion of your needs, we will provide you with a unilateral Non Disclosure Agreement. This will give you a guarantee of the integrity of your ideas.




An access to our workspace is already waiting for you. This space has been designed to optimize collaboration on your project. Please note that this platform is optional : if you are not comfortable with tools of this type, don't worry, we will communicate with you via another place.


This Moodboard is unfortunately blank. But following our first brief and after some investigations into the trends in your sector of activity, this table will fill up very quickly and will serve as a roadmap for the production of your logo.




Once the MoodBoard has been defined, we will begin sketching your logo in order to develop up to 5 authentic proposals. These proposals will be accompanied by a typographic panel as well as a color palette. We will finally render the concept then retained and developed.


This stage is the most complex, because you will have to set the final graphic orientation. And, deciding on a concept, a style, is never easy. This is why a presentation aimed at comparing productions will help us to solidify the rendering of your graphic identity.

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After having established the concept and style of the logo, we will make adjustments to it according to your wishes. These adjustments can be light (typographical shift, for example), or more profound and decisive, to the point of changing the synergy of your logo. These adjustments correspond to two reopenings of the project or a maximum working time of 2 hours.


Once production is complete, we will produce the deliverable renderings and edit your graphic charter. This document will be provided to you in the form of an interactive PDF. It is a real guideline of your logo and will allow you, for example, to recover your color codes in order to transmit them to a printer or a programmer. It also contains the typographical references of your logo, its conceptualization, as well as its variations, its limits and the recommendations for its uses.

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The Blockchain

As part of all our formulas, we upload the final rendering of the logo to the Tezos Blockchain. This international protection aims to prove the integrity and antiquity of your logo. These certificates are time-stamped and marked with a unique number. Please note, however, that this protection does not represent a trademark registration, which is a legal operation different from safeguarding the authenticity of the logo.



A computer incident happens quickly and never warns. This is why, in addition to the regular backups we make of our servers, we have taken out a cloud subscription especially for our customers. So, all you need to do is keep the unique link that we will send you by email, so that you can always have control over your productions.

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Our legal department can register a trademark for you with the INPI services and in the categories you wish. This registration will allow you to exploit and protect your brand in order to reveal its full commercial potential.


The field of copyright is little known to the general public. It can also appear to be complex. This is why we considered simplifying things by offering prepaid plans that cover different ways of using our productions. All our packages include logo representation rights. You can therefore freely display it on your business cards, your social networks and other communications intended not to be directly sold.

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Our Trade Mark packages allow commercial exploitation of your logo. You will be able to freely benefit from it through sales marked with your brand logo: clothing, goodies, badges, etc.


In order to centralize all your elements, we have set up a single access to a customer area which will be a real Graphic Home. You will find your administrative documents, your production elements, your gift vouchers, as well as graphic advice in order to best understand the use of your branding.

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