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20 Years
of Experience
In Graphic Art

Crédits : Official poster for the studio's 4th season. ©Ludas Fawks Studio X Cédric Poquelin



Because as professionals wanting to grow your business, we know that you are not looking for graphic designers who are simply gifted with design software. This is why we do not make logos, flyers or business cards. And we don't develop catering menus or visuals for social networking either.

| So, What do We do?


Well, we're going beyond all that ! We will create a real graphic identity in order to make you unique and essential.

After all, every renowned brand has been able to differentiate itself and become unforgettable. And these brands are even more famous than their founders.




We all know BMW, MC DONALD'S, STARBUCKS or NETFLIX. Moreover, just by reading these brands, we instinctively visualize their logos, as they have permeated our minds and sometimes our childhood.



And yet, the names of Gustav Otto & Karl Friedrich Rapp mean absolutely nothing to us. No more than those of Ray Kroc, Reed Hastings or Gordon Bowker.

Portrait de Gustav Otto.jpg

​​​​​​​Gustav Otto

Co founder of BMW

Portrait de Ray Kroc.jpg

​​​​​​​Ray Kroc

Founder of

Mc Donald's INC

Portrait de Reed Hastings.jpg

​​​​​​​Reed Hastings

Co founder of Netflix

Portrait de Gordon Bowker.jpg

​​​​​​​Gordon Bowker

Co founder of Starbucks

| The brand design is done at a vital stage of your project

We give it a face and an aura. This phase should not be neglected, because it will define the path that will then open up to your business.


Would NIKE be what it is today without its SWOOSH™ ?


Why is NETFLIX the streaming leader over AMAZON PRIME ?


Speaking of AMAZON, have you noticed that the smile-shaped arrow goes from the letter A to Z ? Which means that, on this platform, you will be able to find absolutely everything.


The big brands have been able to be subtle about the meaning given to their logo ; meaning that may be hidden. Look for example at this arrow hidden in the FEDEX logo (but yes, look closely, between the E and the X).

Logo Fedex



We could also mention simpler and more common designs. Here, take that of Chupa Chups, for example.


This house was founded in 1958 by Enric Bernat, who had to admit that a good company was nothing without a good logo. Eleven years later, he decided to change that of his company. And the final rendering represented nothing more than a minimalist daisy, which nevertheless germinated in the mind of a certain Salvador Dali.


Did you know that the brand now sells more than 4 billion lollipops per year?

Logo Chupa Chups.jpg

| The face of your company must be studied

by raising many questions, and nothing should be left to chance.


Many brand images have come out of our offices and we hope to see even more emerge. Because, during our collaboration, your project is ours; your sacrifices to succeed are our responsibility and your success becomes our commitment.


Founded in 2019 by French designer Cédric Poquelin, the Ludas Fawks® Design Studio is a company focused on the research, design and development of brand images and graphic identities. It is also specializes in communication, advertising campaigns and editorial content.


We mainly collaborate with start-ups wishing to differentiate themselves with a strong personality and communication that releases the essence of their brand. We also have the pleasure of working with French SMEs to reveal their marketing potential.


Since 2022, Ludas Fawks® has been developing international branding from its branch based in Bahrain.

Cédric Poquelin
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